From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Jared Bently

Name - Wallace

Clan - Daeva (Status 1 - Priscus of Atlantic City)

Apparent Age - Late 20's/Early30's

Age - Ancillae (Over 50 years)

Location - Atlantic City

Information Known

Wallace (the only name he's ever been known by, though some have nicknamed him 'Knight') was known to have studied under Azuirth and several other Acolytes over the years. A archeologist by trade he has spent most of his undead existance on one dig or another throughout the world and until the debacle in Peru did not show any inclination to be overly social. His travels and studies often bring him into contact with less savory sorts who wish their activities hidden and so over the years he has had to defend against (and in fact hunted down) diablerie cults and demon worshippers to cleanse the world of their presence.

Along with the skills needed for his trade he has taken the time to master metalcrafting and various forms of art - Sculpting, Painting, free hand drawing, dance and singing.

Rumors and Stories

  • Unlike others, his skills from Arcane Sight are not the result of any ritual but instead were taught to him by one of his teachers.
  • While fairly sociable, he has apparently been butting heads with and pissed off Wise and Caedmon Mac Brenna.
  • Rumor has it that Wallace is quite the ladies man having seduced a good portion of the circle's high level acolytes.
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